Thursday, March 29, 2007

Repeat to the 4th Power

The pressure has been on. With the 10k this weekend and the duathlon next, I am moving past nervous into stressed. Have I tried hard enough? Could I have done more? How will I do? All these questions played into my mind this morning as I hit snooze on the alarm clock. 5:30 am. buzz. buzz. buzz. As I try to talk myself out of the early morning run, I think of the stress and realize I have to go. As I walk out the door...brrrr! Back inside for long sleeves. Off comes the visor. Off comes the ipod. I really could use the sleep. Stop, Melissa, Stop. Get your butt in that car! I trek off to the VIta course for my 4 x 1/2 repeats. In January, I was given a 1/2 mile time of 4:30. So I am still using that goal. This morning my times were:
1 - 4:17 (hey pretty good lady)
2 - 4:27 (well still under 4:30 but the last one was better. get those 10 seconds back)
3 - 4:00 (seriously?!)
4 - 4:02 (um. woah.)
That last repeat almsot got the best of me. But I started off with TG Cheryl and she said she wanted someone to push her and so we were doing it together. I couldn't stop I would be letting her down as well as myself. I pushed on through and man....I'm glad I made my way to the vita course this morning. A nice little pick me up on a chilly Thursday morning.


Diane said...

Fabulous!!!! You are doing so well and will rock in your events. Let's celebrate with a martini, say oh about 6:35 on Saturday night?

Grandison said...

and not just a 4:02- a negative split! DAGGONE!

Renae said...

Great job! Though I think you are going to have to move your goal time down some (faster) soon.

TriGirl 40 said...

Awsome splits! You are going to have two amazing races these next few weeks.

JRo said...

Wow! You got out of bed! Good for you!! hahaha.

Ok - seriously - great job on your times. That's awesome!

triathlonmom said...

Great job on those splits. ANd you looked fabulous at the 10K (as you whizzed by me).