Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Are you there arms? It's me Fave.

Maramarc weight training. I love it. I complain at times (like v-ups and planks), but I love it.

I noticed a difference in my muscle toning last year throughout the winter months, but then took the summer off. Boo. Back to "bye-bye arm".

This year I am going to PUSH harder in class. and last night I did (only b/c Coach M made me!)

One exercise named "alternate arm chest press" is one that always makes me sweat. You lay with you head on the ball in a "table" of sorts position and do chest presses one art at a time (hence the name). I started last year at 20lbs and worked up to 25lbs. This year I was back to 20lbs. I told myself in January I was increasing the weight. So last night I hit up the 25 pounders. wow that first set of 10 was harder than I remember. The second set came around and I picked up the 20's. ho hum. oh no. not with Coach M watching. What did he make me do for the 2nd and 3rd sets - 30lbs! I was lacking faith but trusted him and the are far from easy, but yay! I did it!

The arms are sore, but I like it!

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