Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Monday

What a weekend!

Friday night the officers and board of the Richmond Tri Club were invited to dinner to entertain guest speaker Julie Moss. Julie is known for her nail biting finish at Kona. A first timer, she found herself int he lead only to collapse 30 yards from the finish line and finish in 2nd. Julie has such a great perspective on training, racing, and life. It was ncie getting to know her and chatting with her. Greg really enjoyed geting to talk with her about IMNZ coming up! Greg's first full ironman - Julie's favorite and she did some training there, too.
Saturday was the weekly yumminess at Maramarc. This weekend wasn't too bad. An hour hard ride (on the trainers) filled with speed drills, and then an 8 mile easy run, avg 10:00 pace. Now I may have run a marathon, but it's been a few months. 8 miles is easy because of the girls I run with. They make me laugh and keep me motivated and PUSHing.

After this I had to run Princes to the vet, which was traumatic. But I won't bore you with details. My little baby is growing up - she's almost 8!
Saturday night I did not go to the RTC banquet. Nor did I go to the CZC Volunteer Appreciation Party. Both events I helpd with planning. I had other plans. My friend Claire's wedding! she looked gorgeous and she and her lieutenant were married! She is so happy! Although we will miss her in San Diego. But I guess we will just have to come visit!

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kate o said...

you should know better! It's not nice to out-do the bride...