Thursday, January 31, 2008


Pardon me while I take a moment to vent. (aka throw a temper tantrum)

Per the previous blog, I am fairly new to swimming. I have been swimming for a year now (well a year in a week). I have gotten the hang of freestyle and have (gasp!) gotten more efficient. I still have lots to learn on my stroke to make it even better. Hence my obsession with Masters classes. I need the butt kicking workouts.

However, there is lots more to swimming than freestyle.
There are flip turns (hey i am learning these!)
Then there is this madness called an IM.
I have never learned breast stroke or fly.
I have no idea where to even begin to attempt faking it. No worries, I will just do freestyle the whole time.

Last night...not so much.

We had to do the IM, not jsut freestyle. I have absolutely no clue what I am doing and where to even attempt faking like I do. I was plannign ons taying after class to continue swimming (I was in the think mode) but with an ending to class like this I couldn't get out of my swimsuit and home fast enough.

I am really trying to improve my swimming. I am halfway up a lane, from Guppy to Gupfish. They added a new lane, Gupfish, so I moved up to the new lane, but not up to the Goldfish lane. I swam with the Goldfish twice and it kicked my butt, but i liked it.

I know to really move up in my swimming progress I need to learn to get comfortable in other strokes. Cross training in the pool so to speak.


I have a new goal. To learn IM.
(a new thing on my to-do list)


TriGirl 40 said...
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Tea said...

Ok--I have a hard time seeing you struggle in the pool. BUT--you sure did make me laugh.

(btw---all I do is freestyle. yep.that's me. WUSS)

margo said...

what comment got deleted?

TriGirl 40 said...

Oh, the IM fun! Whoever came up with that idea was a sadist.

You are doing great - I am so amazed you've only been swimming a year - you look like a natural.

Like your lane names, too!