Thursday, January 24, 2008

So far not too bad

I knew I wanted to have a kick-ass training week.
I returned from volutneering at camp and I am ready.
or so I thought...
the week started ot great.
monday Master's swim - totally kicked my butt and I like it.
Tuesday I had a good run - 6 miles at an even 9:00 pace. (would love to hit 8:50 for the 10k!!)
then Tuesday ngiht came - I felt weak during weight training. During the bike, I felt like I jsut wasn't really there.
Wednesday came and man my arms are sore - guess I did bette than I thought on tuesday ngiht.
Unfortuantely I had to miss Masters class to make the name tags for the RTC Banquet - guest speaker Julie Moss! And oh at about 11:45 (but who was looking at the clock) I fianlly was done and ready for bed.
so needless to say I did not make my 5:15 wake up call for this morning's run.
But tonight is back to weights and cycling.

So not too bad so far.

100 days until White Lake!!!!!


tri-ing races not cases said...

You are doing awesome Fave and I love the new look to your blog!

TriGirl 40 said...

Missed you at the banquet! It was fun - and the nametags looked great!