Monday, January 7, 2008

Lucky Seven

Seven weird things about me:
1. I prefer to eat only the inside of a pickle
2. I'm a scrapbook-a-holic
3. I crack myself up
4. I love organization, especially in rubbermaid containers. and they are all labeled. and let's not discuss the order in which my clothes are hung in the closet on white plastic hangars, except for jackets and suits which are hung on the clear plastic hangars. (can you believe my nick name as a kid was Messy Missy)
5. When people fall, I laugh. I am concerend, but I laugh.
6. I don't like the smell of coffee and refuse to taste the stuff.
7. I love playing games. All sorts of games. Cards. Board. Crosswords. Geek much?

Seven weird people to tag (hehe):
1. Diane
2. tea
3. Kate
4. Bethany
5. Shawn
6. Jonah
7. Renae


Diane said...

Thanks for the tag, baby! I'll take your acknowledgement of my weirdness as a compliment. ;)

TriGirl 40 said...

Gosh, I wish I had your out-of-sight organizations skills, too!

Cyndi said...

Oooh, yay! I love games too! I foresee a game night coming!!

Tea said...

#3 and #5....that's me!