Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a. recap b. update c. all of the above

So maybe I have been a little slack on the blogging.
Nothing very excited has happened, so I'll recap since I have my arms back.

Holy TriGirls, batman! We are taking over the world one lap lane at a time.
Masters class kick my butt! In an hour we swam over 2000 meters and didn't have time to finish the intended workout. This is a good thing. Maybe I wont be one of the tail end out of the water!
I was feeling very lazy, but TG Snells and I went for a bite-sized hill run. I didn't want to get out of bed, so thankfully my butt was dragged out. It was cold out side, and my bed was snuggly and warm. but it was good to get out there and PUSH!
Back to that weights class. I complain, but I love it and go back for more. I did have to drop some weight on my last set because between increasing weight and a hard swim workout my biceps were just caput! Spin class had the sweat-a-drippin! Needless to say afterwards I felt I deserved half a DiGiorno pizza and damn it was good! It's not delivery. It's DiGiorno.
I did nothing. Well I did watch Superbad. I expected more from it. It was funny, but not as funny as I thought it would be.
2 hour ride. Longest Pink Lake training ride. It was a nice ride with a few hills (trainer hills) with good conversation.
3 mile run - decent pace (9:10+/-)
4 1/2 mile repeats - first one was 3:55 (hmm this might be fastest repeat ever). next one 4:05. oops, better kick it back up. third one was 3:52 (oh yeah baby) and the 4th one was more of a scurry to the bathroom. so maybe i drink too much when running. hmmm.
much needed massage. I knew my back, hammies, and IT band were tight. I laid ont eh table, the massage therapist touched my shoulders and said "Oh Lord". so yeah, i need to go more than every 6 months - heehee. I purchased a 5 pack and scheduled my February visit so I can start going once a month. With this training I need to suck it up and go.
The massage was followed up with condo hunting.
I think I need another massage.
Back to masters. we did an intersting 20x50 sprints. with about a 10 second rest in between each one. Shew. Then we did 4x25 sprints "competing" with the lane next to us. Good times and was able to work more on those flip turns. Still sometimes start to early or late. Boo.
And then this morning I hit up the elliptical for my 5 miles run. slower than ideal, but oh well.
And that's all for now folks.


Renae said...

Good luck with the condo hunting, that is exciting!
Training seems to be going really well for you, at least it is consistent!

Jennifer said...

Where do go for massages? I need one badly!

Tea said...

wow---when you catch up, you really catch up. good luck with the search!