Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pink Lake

Wow! What a night! Over the past month, a big group of us TRIgirls (and TRIboyz) have all been working towards our next goal - White Lake Half. We all arranged our schedules knowing that at 7pm set up events was opening up the registration!!

5:50 I get home from work. Log onto the SetUp website.
5:55 head to target to grab a few things knowing i can be home by 6:30, plenty of time to refresh for the opening of registration
6:10 looking for my face lotion when my brother calls the cell phone. registration is open! WHAT! I am at target! AAAAHHH!!! I scurry over to a corner of the store where I can read him my credit card information and breathe a sigh of relief. By 6:15 I am registered.
6:20 Send mass text message to as many people as I could to let them know it opened early.
6:45 Get home and check the registration. Already 150+ registered! Wow! I look to see how many of my team mates are on there and notice a few missing.
6:50 SetUp Website crashes! Holy half ironman, batman!
The next few hours were filled with high blood pressure and lots of adult beverages (not by me but by all my team mates still trying, i encouraged this behavior) We were all trying to get the girls signed up! We kept receivng a multitude of error messages. It was almsot humorous, had we not been stressing! Please refer to Margo's blog post on this one!
Finally. Everyone is in. And by everyone, I mean there are 20+ of us going!
Move over White Lake, here come the TRIgirls bringing the Pink!

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TriGirl 40 said...

I am still shaking my head over yesterday's craziness! Can't wait to do this race with you and all the other pinkies.