Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Get Ready!

From Greg...

For those that might not have anything better to do, you probably (I believe) will be able to track my progress over the internet, here are the details.

or you might be able to link from here:
or here:

My race number is 219

The race starts in New Zealand on Saturday, March 1 at 7:00am and I hope to finish between 5pm and 8pm (of course things happen, so you really never know when to put a finishing time, so it will be a surprise for all us as to when I finish).

This converts to an EAST COAST time of a start on Friday, February 29 at 1pm to finish between 11pm and 2am Friday night.

This will be very exciting, make sure you refresh your screen every few hours to get an update :)

Here are some motivational links for you to prep your senses:

And the closest thing I could get to the above videos for Ironman New Zealand:

And of course the best Ironman commercial:

YAY GREG!!! Sending you lots of luck!


TriGirl 40 said...

So excited for Greg! I will definitely be tracking him on Friday and sending him lots of postive thoughts!

Was great swimming with you tonight, Fave! And I still forgot to give you the check. Next Wednesday?

Cyndi said...

GO GREG!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!! Wishing you calm waters, a constant tailwind and a refreshing downhill around every turn!!

No go kick some kiwi ass!

Cyndi :)

tryingtotri said...

Good Luck!!