Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Last night was Masters class. However, it was also the monthly RTC meeting. So after teh meeting, two of my friends and I headed to the pool for some laps. Masters was half over so we hopped in our lane and started the Masters class. I mentioned to Coach JP that I am intersted in learning breast stroke and ultimately fly to this random IM goal I have ever since last week's frustration. He suggested I learn fly to improve my freestyle. So halfway through when we were able to spreeeeaaaaaaddd out we decided to detour off the schedule for a workout of our own that I have been wanting...breast stroke.

My new "coaches" Erin and Leigh showed me the stroke. First attempt left us all in stiches laughing at my awkwardness. So I tried using a pull buoy and kickboard to get the motions down. I mean a frog kick? I guess frogs are swimmers (well some of them), really...this is just an awkward motion. And using the pull buoy to get the arms down...yeah I thought I was treading water I was barely moving. back to this funky kick. who invented this concept? And how on earth did they come up with it? I guess from studying frog's. It is just plain weird.

But all in all I got the kick and arms to a point where I can do them together...albeit slowly moving. I fell less retarded so I guess that is a step forward to my goal of knowing how to do an IM!

Afterwards Leigh showed off her fly skills...oh and she was fly. I attempted to dolphin kick. Um yeah. Insert laughter. I will npt tell you what I felt like I as doing to the water.

Next month's lesson: fly.
We decided that since the first Monday of each month we will be swimming after Masters we would do like we did last night. 30 mintues of hard Masters swimming and then 30 mintues of technique on different strokes. I like it.

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