Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Little Things

As I sit here and eat my oh so yummy Dannon Lght and & Fit yogurt - vanilla flavor. I think about how much I love the little things!
So far this week I have
~ had this scrumptions yogurt!!
~ I recieved my new ToughGirl Tights. I think I have a crush on them. Granted they went from the packaging onto my boady and then into the drawer. I already knwo that they are going to be worth every penny of the 80.00 I spent on them. Not only will they look super cute and comfy as I do my weekend runs witht he girls, but also I beleive they are going to be my new lounge pants, y aknwo the ones you run errands in! yeah. these are perfect for it. Love them.
~ I also received this week a new pair of cycling shorts. I had to do the inevitable and go up a size. But these have a wide ban for less love handle infiltration and the elastic ont he bottom of the shorts is not the rubbery stuff that is jut plain uncomfortable. And when I got them - the chamois pad is pink - a sign they are made for me!
It's only Tuesday and what natural highs! I love food and shopping!


TriGirl 40 said...

Not much is better than yummy treats and new clothes! Can't wait to see your Toughgirl tights!

margo said...

i can't wait to hear how the shorts do... i'm intrigued!

fave said...

I rode with the shorts on Monday night. I like the wide band a lot! And it was nice not having the rubbery stuff around the thigh!