Monday, February 25, 2008

I ate too much dessert...

Let's see...
Thursday - Greg left for IMNZ.
Friday - rest day. so I worked on that portfolio of mine. Man it's dusty!
Saturday - hit up MMF for an hour of cycling wonderland. I thought we were supposed to do 90 mintues so I told a friend to meet me to run at 8:30 not 8:00 - oops! We headed out for our 10 miler and I felt great. Around mile 6 Emmie found us and we could run the end together. I ended up doing 11.27 miles in 1:56:08. so a 10:18 pace. Slower than ideal, but I started it out saying I was going to take my time since we were increasing the distance by 2 miles and the lat time I ran 10 was back in october! but I survived. my knees were creaky like a squeaky floor, but i survived. headed up to DC and relaxed with some ice.
Sunday - toured around the city with my friend and my cousin. Luckily I had sneakers with me b/c my legs were not up for the heels originally planned!
Monday - masters class was awesome! we did 2300 meters and I was told I am not allowed to go back into lane 2. on one hand it makes me happy to be comfortable in the lane - a goal i have wanted. but my friends are in lane 2. i will miss swimming with them! hurry! hurry! come play in lane 3 with me!!
So that brings us to now.
I have a big interview tomorrow!!! So think happy thoughts!
Until we meet again...

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Renae said...

good luck with the interview!