Friday, February 15, 2008

On top of the World

That's where I am. And if good things happen in three's then I have exceeded my limit and I like it!
1. I was already having a good week with my new clothes purchases that were delivered! But it only got better!
2. I wake up on my birthday only to be wished happy birthday before I can even open my eyes.
Already a good day!
3. Then I meet TG Snells for some repeat yumminess. She walked into the gym with a basket of birthday goodies! Then I hit my fastest repeat ever at 3:45 (thanks to the treadmill keeping me from slowing down.)
4. I came in to work on my birthday (that's not the exciting part) and had an e-mail waiting for me. It was from Ben the bike guy! My new baby is in!!!!! Oh goodness - how can I sit here all day!!!
5. After work I went for my challenge swim. I timed my 1.25 mile (2000 meters) per the schedule. And after couting the clock twice. Holy freestyle, batman! I hit 41:20! And I felt great!
6. I had a lovely dinner with my #1 boyfriend, Greg. Where he showered with a day at the spa for Valentine's and new pedals for my new bike for my birthday! He got the award fpr the best Valentine!

Tonight I am having dinner with the family - mom is coming in town with my birthday present I pick out over Thanksgiving!! yay!!! BUT! before dinner...Greg and I are bringing home my new bike! Then...tomorrow night I get to have yummy birthday beverages with so many of my favoritest people!
What a week! Does it get any better!


tryingtotri said...

I saw the bike! Beautiful!

Brian said...

Sweet ride!

Stay tuned...