Friday, March 23, 2007


Fins to the left...Fins to the right...okay so I am referring to fishy fins, not men in bars...but it seemed to fit.

I haven't quite developed my mermaid's tail, but I had a great swim last night! And after Tuesday it was just what I needed! I started doing a couple drills I learned in TI. I am sure I looked funny, but I'm cool with it. After doing some drills I decided to time myself on my lap. (I take a rest after each 50m lap) 1:08. Every time - 1:08. not bad, i think. I time myself doing free/back drills - 1:07. hmm. I think maybe I should do this in the race! haha. Then I go back to focusing on free - 1:01!!! What?! nice. next lap 1:00. Sweet! i am sticking to this and I am happy. Then I have to go so I swim my final lap of the night... :57!! YAY!!! Perfect way to end the swim. Next week I will time 75m...dum dum dum.

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Diane said...

You go girl! That's awesome!