Monday, March 19, 2007

Top Chef

Top chef is such a great show - I always get sucked into the challenges and recipes they concoct! But yesterday, I was part of a different Top Chef. Along with TG's Diane and Andi - we amde Herb Mustard Chicken (thanks to for Safe Harbour - a shelter for battered women and their children. Growing up I volunteered annually with the shelter in Charlotte, so this was a great opportunity to continue helping such an important place. It was just a nice afternoon. Playing with a new recipe and just talking. And of course we had to make dessert!! Diane's 2 kids made some fabulous cookies and brownies for the kids of the shelter. And of course we had to do some taste testing! Yum! Times like this - taking a measly few hours to make someone else smile - is the most rewarding feeling. Thanks fellow top chefs, for a fabulous afternoon!

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Diane said...

Definitely fun! Thanks for carrying the team. :)

I'm looking forward to our DU on Saturday!