Monday, March 26, 2007

Dress Rehearsals

A weekend of no sleeping in. But lots of working out.

Friday was the RTC social. I was surprised at how few people were there. Is there is only support at the practices and races - come on people! I was also a bit surprised at the appetizer selections - considering the groups involved are based around being fit - a nice creamy dip, a nice cheesey bean dip, and wings. hmm. maybe i was the only one hoping for carrot and celery sticks. anyways - it was lame-o. so after a few frosty beverages - i left that joint.

Saturday I woke up and geared up for my "dress rehearsal" for the duathlon. TG Diane was kind enough to do this one with me. we both had to jet by 10, so were got there early to get started. but then the fun new gear showed up and we had to do some quick shopping, so we got quite a late start. we did the run. um. hills and my gluts do not get along. took me longer than i was hoping for. then we hopped on our bikes and took off. not bad. rolling hills, but after class with ed and blake i can totally handle these. we turn off to go down patterson. what do i see ahead of me. oh wow. a big hill. we make it. after we finished that we coast back into west creek. first lap down - 20 minutes! yikes! no more talking and coasting. second lap must be faster. so we go - making good time. but then wait! wait! that's not the exit back into west creek - that is the on ramp to 288. rut roh. u-turn! well unfortuantely we couldn't really gauge our time tracking for lap 2. and now it is 9:55. ugh. we dont' have time for 2 more bike laps and another 3 mile run. what to do!! so we hopped off our bikes for a quick run. calf cramp! argh! we jog another 1.5. sigh. i am glad i got out there and got a feel for the course - especially seeing the 288 hill. i know i should be happy that i am doing my first race, but i can't help but wish i was faster. makes me very nervous for the 7th. (i did make it to my hair and brow appointment afterwards)

sunday morning started with a "dress rehearsal" of the monument avenue 10k run. not bad. right before the run i got my first text message update from my brother's marathon. he has passed the 10k point! then we all hit monument. everyone was in front of me with a few people behind me. no one really at my pace, but i can use to time to think instead of chat. i realize that after getting more comfortable with distance i really need to focus on my splits and speed drills. but dang it! i forgot to start my watch so i don't know what my time is. i think right at an hour. my goal for the race is 59:59. TG Aimee and I are going to pace each other and reach that goal! with her by my side, I know I can do it. (my brother finished the mary in 3:50:27 - go brother!)

sunday evening we had swimming with som. i actually felt good with doing the 100m and 200m drills. granted we take a few seconds at the end of each lap b/c there is such a pile up of girls. but i feel good. I am so glad i have gotten over to the tucky with TG DL and gotten more comfortable with swimming.

a weekend's work is done. the week begins...


triathlonmom said...

I'm so happy i figured out what "the tucky" is! too bad it took me so long.
Have a great race on the 7th, wish i could be there. you'll do great!

TriGirl 40 said...

Glad you got a dry run in for the race - though think I would have freaked out when realizing I was getting on 288! I may just try to pace with you for the 10K - would love to finish under an hour!