Friday, March 9, 2007

I'm here...kind of!

This week in training has been...blah. The week started off with wegiht training on monday. Sicne I am forcing myself to ride outside I am nto doign the cycling after class so I figured this wodl be aperfect tiem to swim. Instead I went to the tanning bed. Tuesday I went to ride outside but unfortunately that did not work out. So i trekked on home and hit the treadmill. A good run. A 10:00 min pace...9:30 for 1/2, 10:30 for 1/2. I could have kept going...maybe I need to pick up the pace a touch. I got right at 4 1/2 miles in in 45 minutes. I like that my endurance felt strong, but my feet...I am just slow! AAAHHHH. Then wednesday I headed off to Dr. Z and walkd out with a cortisone shot in my knee. Um. Ow. i still went to weight and indoor cycling on wednesday ngiht but then thursday came around and I could barely walk! Today it feels better. I am anxious to run now. unfortuantely (or fortunately) I am off to comfort zone camp this weekend so I will get a 30 minute run in on saturday but that's it. I did tell them that I have to elave earl on sunday to make it to swim practice! I need that. And this week - I am totally joining the Y and swimming more. i have to. no more excuses. it's game time.

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