Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Springing Into Action - Adventures at West Creek

Yesterday afternoon me and 2 other TG’s, Diane and Ann, went out to WC for a ride in the beautiful spring-like weather. When I arrived the other girls were all ready to go so as I changed my shoes and put on my helmet and such Diane kindly pumped my tires…and that is where the adventure began. We could not get the pump off the tire! And when we did it let all the air out. After we all tried to pump it up we decided that we could not all 3 be retarded – it must be the pump. So we spotted a guy getting ready to ride and borrowed his pump. He was ready to ride so came to se if we were done with it. Ummm…I think we are retarded. So he gave it a whirl. No dice. Tried both pumps. Nothing. Thinkingmaybe he, too, is having a tardo moment and we are all balming the pumps...But…he figures out the problem. Upon trying to yank the pump off my tire, we blew the tube. Thankfully on a trip to Performance during the bike shopping adventures, I was advised get an extra tube – which I conveniently stashed in my bag. So we all learned how to change a tire thanks to this poor guy just trying to go for a ride and runs into the 3 of us. Our new hero.

Now we are all ready to go. Man this definitely is different than spin class. We go around the building and parking lot for a bit to get our “bearings”. Work on breaking…hey not so bad. Stop, Ann..stop! note: The ground also doubles as a break. We laughed and brushed her off and continue back through the parking lot. I am now worried about stopping and am being very cautious. So I come to a stop and put my left foot down and am satisfied. I think I have mastered the beginning slow stopping. Feeling confident. So I turn to my right to talk to the girls and Whap! I’m on the ground. Note to self…just because one foot is on the ground doesn’t mean the other one is too. As we laugh for a minute and now brush me off we decide to hit the road.

First we did about 2 miles then stopped to check in – during this I worked on changing gears and getting in aerobars (which is wobbly), standing up, and drinking water – all new feelings to get comfortable with. Then we begin the 6 mile course and I am feeling good. We lose Ann to Pilates class and Diane and I push on. We get passed by many other cyclists who slow to chat with us…one guy asked if I was racing this weeked. I chuckled and said “um this is my first time riding outside.” He was impressed. Sweet. another guy even said I had a nice spin! (thanks ed/marc/blake) …then Diane talks me into adding the 2 mile Cap One Loop…for an 8 mile loop. Ok. Ok. I’m in. Seriously?! I keep thinking, What have I gotten myself into attempting to a duathlon in 3 weeks?! But we made it back tour cars and I felt good. A short ride but now time to really get going. And I found a new appreciation for the “hills” during indoor cycling class.

This morning besides some bumps and bruises (mainly on my now purple hand) I am glad I got my first outdoor ride under my belt and am ready to get kick WC’s bum.


Diane said...

Big fun! I'm in for the next round!!!

TriGirl 40 said...

Great first time outside bike ride! I bet that guy loved trying to help out you all!