Wednesday, March 21, 2007


In the pool I am more like an anchor than a mermaid. Last night I finally built up the courage and met TG-DL at the tucky for a swim. Now I know that this is my weakeat thing in my training. I took TI in Febraury and it wasn't toooo bad. Well. hmph. I got in the pool last night and it looked longer and is. The while time I thought I was was swimming 25m I was only swimming 25 yards!! argh! I can barely swim 50m without running out of breath. and there are only 10 weeks before Powersprint - which means if i am at 50 now I have to add 25m a week to get to 300 - and that is just in time! me no likey! i would feel better if i knew I could swim 300m more than a day before the race! so I need to get my butt in the pool more often. It is so frustrating!!!! But now I am a Y member and I joined only for their pool so I have to go! I am determined to get in teh pool n my own (with other TG's!) twice a week and do Som's calss on sundays. Sigh.


TriGirl 40 said...

You'll be surprised how quickly you'll be able to add yardage (or meters) to your swim distances! And remember - plenty of swimmers take a break or even walk during pool swim triathlons. You'll do great!

Diane said...

You can do it!!!! TG40 is right. Also factor in the adrenaline (sp?) rush you'll have at the start of your first tri - seriously, the swim was over in my first tri before I even calmed down enough to realize I was doing it. You will rock!

Anonymous said...

You were looking great last night!!