Friday, April 18, 2008


I heard a story on the news this morning talking about how gas how reached an "all time high". I feel like it's a broken record. This story airs almost daily as we see the price at the local gas stations tick higher and higher. I can now say - "I remember when gas was less than a dollar" and more recently "I remember when I swore I would never pay over $3.00 for a gallon of gas" - but of course I have to pay more if I want it. So I do. Darn economics.

I have another fuel that seems to be on the rise, too. Food. Lately I just can't stop eating. Today I met a girlfriend for lunch and we stopped by the local hot dog cart where I indulgedin not one but two hot dogs. Mmmmm. After quickly consuming both I was ready for another. Good ness Gracious! Talk about a high fuel bill!

We chuckle around the office at the amount of food I eat. All. Day. Long. Although some call it "boring" - it consists of fruit, crackers (sometimes with seeds!), popcorn, pb&j. Lately I just can't seem to eat enough.

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margo said...

i see your hot dogs and raise you a BLT and fries!