Thursday, April 3, 2008

Training Challenge

Tuesday: Scheduled to do an hour bike ride and a 45 minute run.

TG Zona and I met at WC for a fun evening training outside. After the first 8 mile loop I decided to get off the bike b/c my gears were skipping. I came to a stop and got a little dizzy. Nausea. Let me jsut sit on the curb. I had about 25 minutes to wait for Zona for our run anyways. By the end of our run, I really wasn't feeling well and my legs could barely move. I figure I am dehydrated and chug some Gatorade Endurance.

By the time I get home I can barely move. I finally fall asleep and at 1am I wake up...and am plain sick. (I'll spare you the details). We figure by this time it must be food poisoning. TG KAte O kindly brings me yummy sick treats - ginger ale, saltines, and magazines too! By Wednesday afternoon my lower back is in so much pain, my temperature is over 101 and I can't even hold water down. Off to Patient First I go. They weigh me and I kindly inform them that their scale must be off. As much as I like it - it was about 8lbs too low. They give me 2 bags of IV since my bopdy drank the first one so fast. I got a shot in my butt to help me sleep and stop the vomitous maximous. We get home and the Ironboyfriend goes to the grocery store for Gatorade, Jello, Applesauce, Advil, etc. He gets the boyfriend award yet again.

So here it is. Thursday. Fever is down to the 99's. I can walk better. But I have no energy.
Clearly there is no training for me tonight.
I jsut REALLY want to do the 10k.


katebott said...

You've got two days... rest up and drink your fluids :0) I'll keep my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery for you and Annn!

Ro said...

Good Lord woman! Well, that would explain your FB status line then. I'm so sorry you're sick! If you need anything just let me know!

tryingtotri said...

I hope you feel better soon!! Keep drinking those fluids!!

tri-ing races not cases said...

Sounds like you and Annn have the same plague. Feel better girl!

SusieQ said...

Lynn, Derik and Rick's whole family had it, too. Hopefully, you're feeling much better today. Miss you!