Friday, April 25, 2008

R and R

That is what I need.

Stress seems to be all around me. but I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

Yesterday (Thursday) I left work a frazzled mess.
I was trying to lock in on my loan and no one was calling me back fast enough.
I forgot to pick up my sister's baby shower gift wednesday night so I knew after training I had to get to babies r us! pronto!
I have a handful of miscellaneous life tasks to accomplish. let's not mention that my laundry is still in the washing machine (not even dryer) from monday night. yeah. exactly.
I received about a 300 page book of condo docs to read thoroughly in the next 10 (now 9) days.
I have a half iron distance race in less than 2 weeks.
and oh yeah - I am supposed to work full time, too.

I drove out to West Creek - I just needed to work out. I wanted to get on my bike and feel the breeze in my air and that nagging burn in my quads. But right- I am tapering, too! AAHHH! Supposed to take it (relatively) easy.

I am driving into west creek. thinking about how I have had my fair share of flats int he past month and I am glad it is has already happened and not on race day.

I pull inthe parking lot passing Snells, Annnnn, and RCAT. give them a little toot toot and they come in the parking lot with me. I pull out my bike. Are you fucking kidding me! My rear flat. this has GOT to be a joke. I just need to breathe. I sit down. take deep breaths. and begin chanign it. I am so stressed RCAT helps me before I have a minor breakdown. over a flat tire. we change it. pump it up and POP. 100 psi andit blows. no. seriously? seriously. i jsut have to place the bike int he car. I blow kisses to my friends and I jsut have to run. i was keeping about an 8:30 pace - man I MUST be stressed out! I stop at my water stop and keep going. I figure I need to slow it down and take in the moments. (defintiely don't want to take in the smell in the air... who pooted??) that place needs to not fertilize with manure. it's just wrong. anyways. i run more. and then decide that i feel like hill repeats. but i already passed th hills and am headed back towards my car. hmmm. so i sprint a minute. walk a minute. and so forth.

then i headed home to do laundry. mop. clean everythign i coudl think of. and then serious stretching and much needed sleeping.

then this morning...
i broke the scale.
i dont know how i am going to get everything accomplished in teh next 24 hours.
but you knwo what.
i'm here.
i have awesome friends. and tonight i am dining with an old friend who is in town
i am healthy.
life is good. so why am i stressing over it!


Kate said...

Deep breaths, it will all come together.

SusieQ said...

Because buying your first home is very exciting and very stressful - you are normal.