Sunday, April 20, 2008


The alarm clock began buzzing.
I rolled over and hit snooze. Surely it can't already be 5:30.
Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. Snooze button again.
What was I thinking to plan a long ride so early?
Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. Alright Already. I'm up! I'm up!

Triboyfriend and I rolled our way downstairs rubbing our eyes to eat the pre-workout breakfast. English muffins...peanut butter...bananas...gatorade. Someone is a little grumpy and doesn't want to get up...but I got a ride to do!

The plan is to be out the door at 6:30.
Oh right - I need my nutrition...
Where are my aerobottle rubber bands...
Ok make that 7:00.

Finally we are at West Creek and ready to ride.
Oh wait - I need to change my front tire.
Cheeks on Seat at 7:00 turned into 7:15.

Okay now we are off! 70 miles of hills here I come!
20 miles in...
Stop sign. Not clear! Falling.
To quote E.T. "Owwwwch". Note - when clipping out to the fall...lean left! Especially on a pretty new bike! After we picked me up and brshed off the gravel we continued on our merry way.
As we pedalled our way through Goochland the songs and mental tricks kicked in...
Mile 30...
"Oh what a beautiful morning.
Oh what a beautiful day
I've got a beautiful feeling.
Everything's going my way"
Mile 50....
"What goes down, must go back up"
"What goes up, must come down"
I think I will go with the latter. Power in positive thinking, right?
Mile 55...
"My back aches, my pants too tight,
My body sways from left to right
Say ooh-ahh we got the spirit (clap clap clap)
Ooh Ahh we got the spiirt (clap clap clap)"
Did I really just flashback to middle school cheerleading? Wow. I must be going delirious.
Mile 60...
"What doesn't kill me makes me stronger"
Mile 65...
"I think I need my space" I told Diamond that I was breaking up with her for two days. Until Tuesday when I need to ride again of course.

We averaged 16.5 - not too bad for the route. I was hoping for 17 on the hills, but oh well. It was actually the longest ride I had ever done. Afterwards I found it intersting the way my thoughts grew dark as the body grew weak. Not a good thing. My back hurt. I felt like I was going up hill on the downhills. Every small roll of a hill seemed to make the thighs burn. I think I may have ridden through the Rocky Mountains. But not only did my body grow weak, but my mind weakened with it. When the body weakends it s the power of the mind to pull you through. I know I can do it and I need to reassure myself of that during the ride.

Well after the ride and a 2.5 mile jog I was ready for a nap....
Oh right - house shopping. House report posted in a few days...


Ro said...

So excited to hear about the house! It's on the southside right? :-)

Very good job on the 70 miles!!!

Anonymous said...

found this blog on google. searching "scary roach" Weird. I enjoyed reading about your cycling trips, as I am a cyclist. :]