Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back to the Basics

Last Monday as Swimming it was a bad night. Coach JP noticed I threw mechanics out the window and started "thrashing". (I bet that looked like a swan)

So the plan for this week was to focus on mechanics. I reminded him of this as I crept my way back down a lane. I have been working towards moving up a lane and accomplished it, but a month later I needed a "refresher course". And that is what I got - I thought about where I enter the water and my pull and lengthening of my stroke. By the end of class he said it was back to looking good.

so I guess next week back to the Goldfish. I will keep up. I will keep up. I will keep up.
(there's power in positive thinking, right??)


margo said...

JP is SO GOOD at fixing stroke mechanics. You'll be kicking ass in the goldfish lane before you know it.

tryingtotri said...

Wait, are you trying to be a goldfish or swan?
Either way, you will be great!

SusieQ said...

but we'll miss you in our sweet lane....