Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back in Action

Tonight I had my first post-plague workout.
Along with TG Snells, TH JB, and Greg as the Roachie (althouhg only for a bit - pictures to come).

First on tap was a 45 minute ride. I did one 8 mile loop and averaged a 17.78mph pace. I am content with this. I felt tired and weak, but great to be outside again. I could only do 45 minutes, not the 60 I was hoping for.

Next up - a 45 minute run. I was feeling exhausted after the bike, but wanted to get a run in, so I decided just to do my 2.4 mile run loop. I ended up doing this in 20:39 - an 8:36 pace!!! And I negative splitted, too! I paced 8:41 for the first half and 8:32 for the second half. I am very happy with this. I was breathing heavy and I felt slower than I was. I felt sluggish, but I am happy with the results.

So all in all - it was a good step back in the right direction. I'm so happy to be back in training mode!


tri-ing races not cases said...

Way to go Fave. That's an awesome workout for just coming back into action. Glad to see you are feeling better.

tryingtotri said...

Welcome back!!!

SusieQ said...

Glad you are all better....now where are the pictures of the roach???