Monday, April 14, 2008


Arizona or Bust...was a bust.
My brother and I were flying on buddy passes = standby.
Due to the American Arilines debacle, the flights on US Airways were now overbooked.
So - we were getting bumped.
I went home from the aiport and threw my temper tantrum (not really, but I did cry even though my brother and Greg told me tears woul dnot fix it, they sure did feel good).
Mom was in town, so we were able to get treated to a nice dinner out where I consumed a pomegranate martini to drown my sorrows. no worries, I only had one.

Then Saturday I saw the roach off on his race. He finished 3rd overall and no one beat the roach! He did end up sick 5x on the 2nd run from being so hot in a roach costume - yick! But now - here are roach in training pictures!

I made my way to the Williamsburg outlets with mom and sister (and nephew to be). It was a good day. I liked most things I tried on, although I was unsucessfull at finding some new capris. I love retail therapy. =)

sunday I had a good workout - could have been better, but also could have been worse. I was able to workout with my team. I kept roughly a 16.5 pace on the bike and 9:40 on the run. I had to cut my run short to make it to my sister's baby shower.

And I ended the weekend with a migraine. Sigh.
But - today starts a new week. Filled with good training and a few steps (and days) closer to my goal. Everything happens for a reason!


SusieQ said...

Sadness for IMAZ :(

But, those roach pictures have got to cheer you up. Classic!


tryingtotri said...

I'm sorry. That sucks!

Megan said...

you could always plan to go back in novemeber and sign up the day after that race, right? it's so crappy how they are doing the sign-up now, and that you actually have to be on site to get a spot. good luck!