Friday, April 11, 2008

Ironman Arizona or Bust!

I planned my 2008 season with a particular goal in mind. Ironman Arizona 2009.
My big brother and I decided that we would take on the Ironman Challenge together. After much deliberation we picked an event. Arizona.
Now - how do I get there.
Well I am hoping to do 2 half irons and a full marathon in 2008.
the Adventure will come to life this weekend.
Iron-brother and I are heading out to Arizona tonight.
We will train tomorrow morning for our next 'A' race - White Lake Half in 22 days, which will be our first race together. After training we will do lunch with cousins, afternoon beers with a childhood friend and then dinner with his family. A
fter a fun filled Saturday, the weekend gets better. We will be watching thousands of those taking on the Ironman Challenge. A few of brother's friends will be participating. This will make it real.
Then on Monday, it gets really real. We are signing up for Ironman Arizona 2009.
I am very excited to follow in my friend's foot steps and challenge myself to something that I forget how few people will even attempt for. I am excited to share the experience with my big brother.

On another note, last night TG Zona and I had an awesome workout. We went out for a 60 minute ride and I averaged 18! I didn't get the whole hour in, though. Diamond (the bike) sure it high maintenance! about a mile from my car it happens. duh dum. duh dum. duh dum. Aw shit. i have a flat. in the back. But!!! Better now than on race days and my first chance to change a flat all by myself on the new bike. I walk back to my car wheere the spare kit is (b/c that's helpful!) and I start changing it. It takes me so long somepoor guy comes over to check on me. I let him know I really appreciate his kindness, but I really need to actually do it for myself b/c on race day no one will be there to help me. He undesrtands and just watches for support. Success. and I am back on my way. Enter deer.

Then we head off for a run. 1.2 miles out. 3 hill repeats. and 1.2 miles back.
1.2 miles out - average 7:58 - oh rock on. this makes me a happy little girl.
hill repeats - well Zona says I look like a bunny. I must run awfully intersting with a furry butt?
1.2 miles back - need. water. average 8:40 on the way back. i was so parched it was uncomfortable. I thought my mouth was sealed shut. oh well.
It was a good workout.

Well, back to work before I leave for the airport!


margo said...

oh come on - i was out there too!

Diane said...

WOW speedy! That is AWESOME!