Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Blub. Blub.

Think Melissa: "Badass. Be a badass."

While preparing for the 10k I remember one of the TRIgirls telling a story how she was saying to herself: "I think I can. I think I can. I KNOW I CAN". I have been telling myself that as i work out...but it morphed into my own version...being a badass. I look at my team mates and others that have completed amazing races and I think they are total badasses. Well, I want to be one too!

As I swam in the James, this mantra helped. Margo and I have a pact the Monday night swims we focus on distance and Wednesday night swims we focus on speed drills. Last Monday we hit 750 as well as a good 300 time. This monday...1000! Gulp.

We enter the pool and we stand there...frozen in the Arctic. All we can say is - this water is stupid cold. After what seemed liek forever standing there discussing how we jsut need to go for it, another swimmer leftover from Masters class sends a nice splash our way and says just do it. So...under the water and we're off. a nice warm up totalling 300 meters. Now picture Shelby (Julia Roberts) in Steel Magnolia's, "It's Time!". We take a deep breath and a high five and we go for it. Hit the wall 20 times...1, 2, 3...Badass. Be a Badass...19, 20!!!! We did it!!! We made out goal of 1000 meters straight! Yay!!! Now time to warm down - a timed 300 - 6:40+/- ew. But...I did just finish a 1000, so okay I swam a little slower. We totalled a swim of a mile for the night. Sounds good to me!

Next Monday: 1,250!


jones said...

you ARE a badass. you're so money and you don't even know it, baby.

Renae said...

I think the same things about the fellow TRIgirls. And that some of them, or just other female triathletes, are like superwoman. I want to be a badass as well.