Wednesday, May 30, 2007

t minus 3 days

the time is really nearing. triathlon numero uno. am i ready?
stressed? check.
sore throat? check.
yeah - sound ready to me.

ok so maybe i need to it's only a race, right? and it's my first of the kind. i need to relax a bit. i will get some training time in this week - spin around on the bike a few days. run a few miles. and time some 300's. i really want to break 6 minutes on the swim. but -there is a good chance it won't happen and ineed to accept that. my best has been 6:15. 15 seconds is a lot to drop off. maybe adrenaline will kick in. i am nervous about using my energy too quickly and fading. but it's a race - i am supposed to use all my energy right? have i trained hard enough? i guess so. no time left now. ('it's raining men' just came on my itunes - perfect!) i have the handy dandy helpful hints from Cyndi and G to prepare for race day. tonight i will need to go through those and begin final preperations. i guess all i can do breathe. and think about the post-race champagne at diane's. that's thirst quenching! cheers.


JRo said...

Leave it all out on the course Fave and give it everything you have! When you think you can't go any harder - push yourself more! You can do this!!!!!!

Renae said...

You are ready!!! You have trained and you have trained hard.. and are continuing to train even more with the bump up to the half ironman, crazy lady! Just don't forget to take time out during the course to breathe, and enjoy your FIRST TRI. As Jonah keeps telling me, you only get one!

Anonymous said...

I know you are going to have a fanastic race - you are so ready!!!


TriGirl 40 said...

You are going to rock the sprint! I would love to see you cross the finish line, but I have a good feeling you'll be ahead of me. ;)

Cyndi said...

M -

You are going to flippin' ROCK the Power Sprint!!!! You are ready! Push your limits and remember this little ditty I repeat to myself when things get rough on the course: "if you haven't passed out yet, keep going!!!"