Monday, May 14, 2007

Go Wolfpack!

Note: this has nothing to do with training.

There is something about a summer baseball game - the bleachers, the sun, hot dgos, pretzels, and french fries...okay and the beer too. It really is an american tradition and I love it! Being not only a Carolina girl, but also a Meredith girl - I love my NC State Wolfpack! There is nothing like the atmosphere of football, basketball, and even baseball games. Living in richmond I have learned how strong the UVa/Va Tech rivalry is. My Wolfpack seems to be overshadowed by it. Sad.

Saturday evening there was not only a baseball game, but the UVa v. NC State game! I headed up to charlottesville with a carload of hoos. them in their orange - me in my red! with a minor change in plans, we had time to throw around the football and throw back a few beers, too. With a final score of NC State 10 UVa 7 - they had post game fireworks and we had post game road trip karaoke in the car!

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