Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Fitness Assessment Recap

Recently the RTC held a clinic at Maramarc sponsored by TRIgirls. The topic: The Female Triathlete. Luckily for me - only 3 RTC members and 2 non-members showed up. Time for the door prize...I won!!! It ws a fitness assessment by Coach M. Oh rut roh. do I want to do this...

Last night was the big day. I was nervous to find out how out of shape I am! i get there and first...7 pinch fat test. This was the part I was dreading the most. The off to the treadmill for some VO2 testing. as the time increases my heart rate builds...then drops. then incline. it builds then drops. The it builds...and stays there! After that time to lift weights. Aw stinky poo...I am not an upper body strength kind of gal. And streatching - I can handle that, I was a dancer for 16 years.

then the results...dum dum dum.
7 pinch test: 16% well above average, 100lbs muscle, 20lbs fat... well hey that's not so bad.
vo2: above average...have the potential to be a sub 7:00/mile
Strength: 80lbs average...ok I knew I needed to work on this one
Flexibility: 97% well above average...yeah baby yeah.

Overall I was surprised at my results. I was completely expecting much worse. I knew my weakness was my upper body strength and I know I need to focus on that. It was neat getting it done and having a basis for where my fitness stands...as I venture out into this triathlon world. I suggest everyone has this done.


Diane said...

Very cool! I would have thought you would be better than average in every category. Who the hell is in that control group anyway?!?

Renae said...

I agree that it is very cool that you got to get this done. I wouldn't have done it personally. Maybe held onto it for awhile. Congrats on being above average on almost everything.

Cyndi said...

AHHHHH! Fat caliper testing!!! The horror!! I've always wondered whose dumb idea it was to test people for fat by pinching the very fat they already know they have!! UGH! You're a braver woman than me!!!!

Cyndi :)