Friday, May 18, 2007

A new notch in the distance belt

Although I ride 2-3 times a week, I usually ride 12-18 miles each time. I am soemtimes constrained by time having to get to another outing, and sometimes I am just...lazy. But this week - no. I keep saying I want to up my distacne and now I haev the chance. It's 6:30 and the next thing I have scheduled for myself is Grey's anatomy Season Finale at 9. So - Margo, RCAT, and I are off...24 miles. Lap one and I lose everyone. As I begin lap two, Snells and RCat find me - Snell's new aerobars broke and knocked her off! Tragic! So they are off to performance to throw down and I am off to reach the goal. (oh and lap one i did in 20 minutes) lap two...feels a little better. Lap three - 20 minutes - in the groove. I realize there are only about 3 people left at West Creek. Do I continue? Will people know I am still here? Do I stop to be a little safer? No - I want that 4th loop. So 4th loops begins and I am still feeling groovy. Then come the hills. Yeah so maybe my quads are a wittle sweepy. Fianlly I get back to the car. 24 miles - a new distance on the bike. And besides my knee andI fighting today - I feel great! And made it to the tv in time to watch the drama unfold! Love it!

See you Sunday!


TriGirl 40 said...

You looked strong and awesome out there! Congrats on the new distance milestone.

jones said...

you are awesome dude! and you still looked hot when you showed up to eat your sushi and dolmades!