Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Watch This

This morning I met up with Margo and Missy at Vita to run my 3 miles of hills. (ok so not very hilly but it works, right). Although this is not a speed workout, I am intersted as always to see how I do. So I hit start and I'm off. Feeling good the first lap, but wondering if I started too quickly. I get around loop one and chekc the watch - 6:23. Hmm I wonder. It must have said 8:23 - that would make sense. Let me look again...still 6:23. Interesting. Way to go dummy - you hit the stop button sometime. I continue on wondering when did my watch buttons become so sensitive. I am rounding lep three, and still ponderign the watch. yes - i was that stumped. And thenit dawns on me...instead f hitting start I must have hit it to go back to the time setting and it was telling met he time! hahahahaha. oops.

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