Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

As we all know - swimming is my weakness in the race. I was unable to go to my weekly monday night swim this week because I was attending the Hermitage High School Triangle Two Club Mother Daughter Luau!! So I was really looking forward to Wednesday's swim. Only 6 more left until Powersprint! Then... I receive word from training buddy Margo that the storms are not looking in our favor. Argh! I refuse to believe this when *clash* thunder! Noooooooo! Mother Nature is not cooperating with my training schedule! This is not good for my swimming. So far my fastest 300 has been 6:15 and I reeeeaaaallly want to break 6 minutes! We'll see how sunday's timed swim goes.

I ended up with a lovely evening of reorganizing my wardrobe (I am obsessed with organization) as well as deleting unecesary pieces from the wardrobe. And of course this process can only be accomplished with a few glasses of vino! Delish!

Tonight - rain rain go away - I am determined to ride 24 miles then run 3-4 (saturday's workout early). So - Mother Nature please be kind and let me play outside with all my training friends!

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Diane said...

Nerves, adrenalin (sp?), and determination will get you under 6 on race day, no problem. You can do it!