Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Weekend-palooza

I love long weekends. Friends and fun. oh yeah and working out, too.

Friday we ended up closing the office at 4 - woo hoo! I hopped on over to st. Mary's to visit a friend's new bambino. So cute! 25 hours old - wittle bitty thing. here she is...june ellen.

Saturday I met up with Diane and company for our 40 mile ride. We met up at diane's and went on out. Five miles to west creek - 30 miles inside - then 5 back. well i would say at about oh mile 3 I got dropped. what was i thinking to ride with these people?! they have more experience than me, i am supposed to take it easy on teh knee, and this is my longest ride to date by far. so i gladly dropped back and as we passed each other in the loop I let them know i would meet up with them at the end. Along the way at mile 11 I picked up fellow baby pinkie, Becky, also training for patriot and we did half the ride together (24 miles). At this time I am ready for my 5 mile cruise on back to diane's. however...no one is around. hmph. then i spot one of the fellow riders and we wait for everyone. no on in sight. hmph. should we go? why not. so we finished the ride and man i was dunzo! note to self - next time pre determine meeting locations teehee.
After riding I skipped on over to Kilmarnock for some river fun. playing on the "beach", wine, jet skiing, and tubing.
sunday was more river time followed by trekking back to richmond for swim class (?). yeah...missed it. danggit! oh well.
Monday was "poolapalooza". A bucket of margaritas and friends (margo, amy, barrett, sam, bill, ron and little austin). The pool was a blast. soem time with TG Jonah and her mini-me's. A day filled with cheeseburgers and margies followed by attempts at the dirty dancing lift (with only minor resulting injury) - now that's memorable!

a good weekend. now back to training. 5 days until powersprint - yowsers!


triathlonmom said...

OMG I can't believed i missed that pool move. And might I say, you look awfully comfortable holding that baby! What awesome photos.

jones said...

nobody puts baby in a corner...

Cyndi said...

YOU are hysterical!!! I LOVE the dirty dancing move in the pool!!! :D

TriGirl 40 said...

Great post, great photo - sounds like a fun filled holiday weekend! And thanks for the chuckle remembering the craze that was Dirty Dancing (aren't you too young to know that movie? :) )