Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Here's hoping...

The past 2 weeks I have spent a couple mornings at Ashland Physical Therapy. This morning was my last visit. I have been doing lots of strengthening and stretching exercises to help the knee. Beign the coolest patient ever, it was a nice relaxed atmosphere (while sweating of course). the people there are great. Unfortunately, my last visit might have been the worst! With the run and ride on tuesday my knee ws tender going in this morning. But - it was my last visit - they kicked up the exercises. I wanted to just get the ice pack the whole time! On my way out ther was a hoorendous accident - tractor trailer went over part of a car. I thought - I guess my knee pain isn't so pain afterall! And the knee pack is my friend...and it totally looks hot with my outfit around the office!'s hoping that as I continue to train my 2 weeks of PT make a difference!

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