Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tapering Tapering

this is taper week...but it's also still patriot training week. taking it easy while still pushing it interesting concept. one i need to conquer this summer.

monday - swim.
it was memorial day. i drank margaritas and ate fattening food.

tuesday - do nothing. help a friend in need!

wednesday - weights class in taper mode. bike 18 scheduled for tuesday. swim.
class went fast with onyl two reps of everything.
the bike...not so hot. or actually...super hot! 3 loops - i can totally handle that. yeah...almsot done with lap one and i am busting my butt "sweating like a whore in church" (yes i said it and no i didn't make it up). after one loop, margo and i realize it's not worth and we steady out for half the nub, then bust it out for about two mils for the grand finale. after socializing witht he girls, we realize we better hit the pool or we are hitting the beers with not fair! so we head off to tucky and the pool is just "stupid cold". redonkulous i say. so we hit the family pool. bath water...where's the happy medium! i time a few 300's and do a total of 1000 meters and call it a day. it's almost 9. time to lay my weary head to rest.

thursday - 4 mile negative split, 12 mile ride.
the run this morning went well. becky and i paired up and headed off for out 4 mile negative split. first loop was 8:33 and finished at 33:40 or something like that. pace about an 8:40. so getting better. but then came the ride. shewy! it was hizzot. i didn't see anyone so i took off for loop one. 21 minutes - 17 mph pace +/-. then becky found me (we planned on riding together) and we were able to ride the second loop together. it's so much nicer having a riding partner. we've decided we enjoy riding together. about the same pace and training levels so it works well. we finihsed off the swecond loop in 22 minutes...but looked like we jsut finished swimming. so after chatting with cyndi i was off to meet the girls for my gyro and dolmades at my fav-o-rite greek festival! yes i walked up in there with my padded butt shorts. they're hot, i know. first it's drivein/carry out and then...they were out of gyros?! that's just tragic. so i got my pork and was good to go. then we realized...only one dolmade!! and it was a mini version! ok. i am jsut upset now. my legs are tired. i can't drink greek headache indicing wine. no gyros. and then a mini dolamde. waht is this. i protest. or i just do nothing. haha.

friday is coming. to swim or not to swim? that is the question. tbd....

and most importantly...the post race in the fridge! oh yeah.


Renae said...

I'd much rather have a cold pool, once you start swimming you warm up. but I am also pretty used to cold water, and I have more "insulation". Living my life, and to its fullest is a concept I have been toying with a lot lately. I feel like a hypocrit in a lot of ways about it though. And yes, designer, or custom made tri gear would be FANTASTIC!

TriGirl 40 said...

You guys had a fabulous swim! Sounds like West Creek was great practice for some heat training, too. Loved the taper/but training for Patriot dueling concepts!